I have to quit my 365 daily challenge

It is with a heavy heart that I now release this message. I am forced to quit my 365 daily challenge this year. The demands of studying and working, and being a father, does not allow this to be taken further. I really enjoyed the 220 days we have spent together, sharing ideas and thoughts. I truly thank you all for that opportunity. I promise that the poetry in the challenge will turn into something beautiful at the end, in the form of two poetry collections. Again thank you for all your support

All the best


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20 Responses to I have to quit my 365 daily challenge

  1. 220 straight days is a pretty good run! I am also a full time working father, and I can image it would be pretty tuff to get that done.

  2. Ashlin says:

    What if you still continue to write but in a journal at night before bed or something? You can update once a week or whenever you have time. Write because you love it, even if it is time consuming. It may prove beneficial. It is a creative outlet and a stress release. Space in your mind = space in your life. What do you think?

    • MesAyah says:

      I will still write, It is my true love, but I won’t be able to follow through the way it is supposed to in the challenge. I will write off every stress I have. But not on a daily basis

  3. abhinavreinvented says:

    Try not to. You’ve covered more than half of the journey. Still, Kudos to what you’ve achieved!!

  4. Celebrate what you’ve achieved. Continue to write for yourself and at some point you can come back and post again. I too have weeks where I post frequently and others where time does not permit

  5. After reading this I wrote tomorrow’s BREVITY—“You win by trying”. Good luck in the future.

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas and thoughts during these 220 days. Not bad at all!!!!

  7. niaaeryn says:

    With all that you do and a little one, 220 was a good run. Looking forward to your poems as you can in the meantime. 🙂

  8. dehk says:

    You had a good run , but an execuse to try again some other time !

  9. Kao Tung says:

    brah, you are an absolute inspiration. I do hope that you can continue.
    either way, thank you for all the hope you have given us all

  10. Pottsy says:

    Obviously we are going to miss your daily posts but completely understand what a massive undertaking this must have been when you have so many other commitments in your life. I find it hard writing a post once a week and I expect a lot of my posts don’t require nearly as much effort as you must have been putting in to create and post a beautiful piece of poetry every day. Congratulations on the 220 days, don’t underestimate what an achievement that is, and thank you so much for sharing your work with us all. Will continue to follow you in a more leisurely manner as and when you have the time.

  11. As a working mum can fully understand the situation you’re in! But it’s not the number 365 that matters. It’s the fact that you’ve written 220 poems in 220 days and that is a great achievement which should indeed be celebrated. I have truly enjoyed the daily poems and will surely enjoy to follow whatever comes whenever it does.

  12. chad waller says:

    You had one hellova run man. Bravo for going as far as you did.

  13. albert21199 says:

    Very cool to see the dedication of a writer keep up the good work and may your writing prosper with the hearts of followers

  14. raulconde001 says:

    220 days! Congrats! Great accomplishment! Awesome run! 🙂

  15. mira65 says:

    Sad you are quitting. You write so well . Do visit me at toweararainbow.wordpress.com and theyyouandme.wordpress.com

  16. lux1993 says:

    Well it doesn t have to be 365 days in a row. It just says 365 days. You don t have to quit your challenge!

  17. Rogelio says:

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