A 365 daily challenge: Day 211

Day 211
Topic: Kind hearted
Topic given by Amanda Stenersrød

She carried her eyes of gold
Her helping hands were automated
A fire burning low in her heart
Warm carrier of no regrets

Her kindred soul held no firm grip on her kindness
Jealousy was present in her cause
Worn on her left arm
She swore to reject the dream

So she planted a seed
A seed that would exceed beneath belief
And grow inside and feed on everything kind hearted
She named the seed, need

In between the hands of need
She planted weeds
To represent lust, longing and deadly dreams
To demolish the kind and sweet

She looked into the eyes of gold
That now had turned black as oil and dry as charcoal
Nothing left, but dead expressions
As the lady carried out a stale smile

Looking into those eyes of dead
The kindred soul exhaled
The empty stare
Left nothing in her
So she told about her affairs

She told about the seed of need
And all the weeds that intertwined
The lady answered with a nod

I knew what you did
I have always known
I needed to see how far you would go
Before I could save your gold

We all do good
Mostly bad
I had to loose my gold to show you that
But inside us all lies all the gold
To save us from us all

Have peace
Die restfully
Our kindness is our dreams
So please, look into my eyes
When I tell you, you were always in my sleep

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