A guide through the updates on my website

It is a new day Coming

I have spent the weekend on cleaning up and editing the material on my website. The features are updated and I introduse a lot of new material here.


First out is the album section, where I have put my last three EP´s up for grabs. My live EP from XOHIPHAlbumsOP (2012) and Paradise of Paradigms (2013) are free, all you have to do is sign up as a member on the site (wich opens up for more opportunities.)






Next up of the newly introduced page is the store page, an easy way to shop all the new merch, includinScreenshot storeg my last two books








I have also updated the forum at the page, at the forum you can discuss music, you can share your own work for feedback, and you can talk and discuss the world if you feel like it. in other words, ForumWe diuscuss, share and basicly just interact here








If you want to be treated a little bit exclusicvely and recieve new songs and gifts every month, you can sign up to the exclusive club, it will cost 2 dollars a month, but you will not regret itexclusive








Hope you will join in on the fun and be a member and contributor

Best wishes


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