Let us create a streamfest for MesAyah Live at XOHIPHOP on Spotify the 30th of August 2012

MesAyah live at XOHIPHOP EP out 30th of August 2012
On Thursday the 30th of August MesAyah will release an exclusive EP just available for streaming on Spotify and the Norwegian Stream service WIMP, these are the only places where the EP will be available. The EP is Called MesAyah live at XOHIPHOP and is a collection of the tracks played and performed at his visit at XOHIPHOP.

What I am asking from you is that you on this particular date is helping me to create a streamfest or streamparty if you like on Spotify, by helping me to share the EP with your frien

ds and family. A good way to do this is to add the EP to your playlist and then share your playlist that way you can get more subscribers to your playlist as well. Or you can just share the EP itself.
hope as many as possible will help me on this journey. and I will post the link on here as soon as it drops
who is with me?

As you see this is a facebook event so you don´t have to show up anywhere, just show me support in spirit and two seconds of pushing a share button.

Thank you in advance

Peace love and harmony


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3 Responses to Let us create a streamfest for MesAyah Live at XOHIPHOP on Spotify the 30th of August 2012

  1. Genie says:

    I am not on facebook so do let us know here on wordpress how it goes. Good luck with your adventure!

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