365 daily challenge summary week 34

Hello again my lovely lovely readers

Another week has passed, a lot has happened this week as well, I have had visitors in the studio, I have vacation at the moment and enjoying the lovely summer here in Norway, hopefully I am a dad in a couple of days now, and life is just smiling at the moment

Here is the verses from week 34

Day 238 27th of June 2012

Topic: Virtue

If justice was the name of the lord
I would pray the name of them all
the virtue of a fallen angel fighting for his laws
fighting for his cause, and draws his sword
slicing open the flesh of his own core values
You are all born with this inside you
Its crying to get out and find respect in the half moon
meeting you halfway there with courage in its eyes
trying to fill you up with the gifts it got inside
The fight battled is a matter of ethics
fought in the words I write and my aestetics
Good an evil, a fevil fighter or a beheaval
a legacy reciever fighting to be an achiever
The right and wrongs done doesnt make a single right for me
My rights to live
lie in the achievement of moral and skills
It is immoral to believe something different
So I will sit here and listen to my virtues as they speak and wisper in the darkness

Day 237 26th of June 2012

Topic: Binge

A feasting frenzy, french kiss with a bratwurst
chocking on hot dogs, to see whom reach the numbers first
an incredible thirst rise with the need of a night nurse
the binging at the meeting has turned to the worst
the eating habits have been reversed
with a bursted appendix and a stomach thats cursed
they´ve been feasting for years now
all you can eat buffets are beeing named after their hometowns
they´ve grown large, a missuse of food , just to take the crown
no thoughts beeing shared for the starving childeren  while they drown
themselves in burgers, acting like clowns
this is considered Live entertainment now
I am not the least proud of these accomplishments
it is astonoshing to see how abysmal men can get
when there is no connection to their reality check
and how cruel the realty actually gets
we need to open our eyes and see what kind of image we actually represent

Day 236 25th of June 2012

Topic: Redemption

The flock of lies, just lied above the town that night
With an utter disguise, the men arrived back home to fight
The old and wise, shrived the pleas from an aching fright
The men of steal stayed true to the light
and was ready to change history
to redeem their people and scream the images of beeing free
freedom was just a distant memory
the men had fougt it for the remedy
but the melody hadn’t changed for years, a township destiny
The crown that wore the pinky ring had blessed himself with blasphemy
and taken down the right for men, that wasn’t born to carry out his legacy
But now the men had collected all the best of these
craving hungry freedom seekers
to take back the throne and claim whats theirs, and free their own people
through trust and hope and love and caring
They where giving, and they where sharing
their own life, for the future of the rest
and they would not rest until they had reached their point of Interest

Day 235 24th of June 2012

Topic: Fox Hunting

Who let the dogs out
rigid runs across the forrest, the red fox locked in by the dog scout
switch routes, zig zag to lure off the sniffer spouse
ditch the hounds and run without thinking of the lurking doubt
The only thought that occurs throughout
is to get through this day without
being chased down by the hunter
get the chance to wonder, I is Survive I´ll take advantage of this plunder
Trying to steal my life, by showing up in large numbers
tomorrow I will take precautions before I start to wander
But now I have to focus on the route and not their hunger
I have to put the focus down on survival of the stronger
I need to outsmart the sniff skills of jumping flashing thunder
before I find myself left to pieces and torn asunder
I have to keep running towards this light, thats my only escape
that is the only way to get away from this escapade

Day 234 23rd of June 2012

Topic: Mosquitos

The fantasy of bloodsuckers, all around your face
suckers for the product, leaving marks around your waist
every remark and comment is a totally discrace
and emotionally replaced by the dollar that it pays
small hums performs attacks on your eardrums
infiltrating your harmony, like a misplaced snare drum
left their souls numb, for the results of a sum
and kept their dumb phrases spinning to the ground
they deserve a suckerpunch
for sucking off the sugarbuns
of billion dollar companies that use them for the credit crunch
but this is how the market runs
the remake of a barreled gun
that never knew wher  the bullets that it fired came from
but chose to shoot from the hips no matter how absurd it is
leaving a bloodtrail they can suck on, and as much as they can get
cause they just cant get enough of it

Day 233 22nd of June 2012

Topic: The meeting

The secret handshake left the palm of Peter
the obvious difference between the servant and the leader
Tommy was the sheperd, but the sheep was not needed
thats why Peter was brought in to remove the hand that fed the feeded
Tommy felt defeated
but Peter reassured that Tommy would be respectfully greeted
in Peters terms that meant his file would be totally deleted
so Tommy could start with clean sheets, wich was much needed
since Tommy caused internal issues with the management and suffered
and he was cuffed by the accuastions, and his dreams completely smothered
Tommy discovered the chance and took it, left his sheep hurd in the rough to recover
on their own, left there on a path that laid uncovered
Tommy used the meeting to get back up on the horse
left his workers in remorse
and fed upon the lifeline of his boss
to stake out his new course
This is just one example of a meeting that scratch the wounds of a labor force
before rippin it open again just to lick the salt

Day 232 21th of June 2012

Topic: The magic of Music, emotional meaning and rescue

The beauty of a tone, humming in the morning rain
the magical errors of something that never sounds the same
something that just stays, and states the true frame
of a thin red line floating through the insane
when a guitar or a bass, plays hungry for the love of it
an emotional journey from a saxophone screaming out its spirits
from evil to the good ones, vibration of a non exitsting limit
strecth it between the barriers where music can take your breath away if only for a minute
Solo´s that shakes the soul out of your naked skin
drumlines that just break your heart and take you from within
it is no make or break about it, no chasing for a win
it is just a rescue call from this world, believing something else is just a sin
music means emotional journey
the vocal chords that really rocks, have a soul thats really burning
an yearning for the feeling of release their emotional hurting
blessed and cursed with the ability to write life
and by longing for the right words, they often seems to fight right




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4 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 34

  1. you are quite talented & word gifted 🙂

  2. darkjade68 says:

    Hey I just wanted to say Thanks For Following The Dark Globe… June was Follower Appreciation Month, you should Check it out


  3. Lindy Lee says:

    Like them all, as usual. “Mosquitos”, metaphor outstanding in its upsetting reality, as the purpose for actual mosquitos in this follower’s opinion, is non-existent; but completely returned to pleasant thoughts of another agreement with you by “The magic of Music, emotional meaning and rescue”, that the world would most certainly be a dull place, indeed, without music…

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