MesAyah – Painted Perfect Beatmaker Competition

Calling out to all producers!

I am happy to announce that I have decided to create a competition for this track. Here is the original track

This track will feature on my upcoming album “I for an I and the truth for the truth” in December 2012, but not in its original form. It is the producer that can produce the illest instrumental and the illest version of this that will feature on the album.

3rd place: Will be used as first single release before the album drops
2nd place: Will be used as second single before the album drops
1st place: Will appear on the album with full rights

download the accapella here: (65 bpm)

Send your track in to :

Winner will be announced by 30th of May

Good Luck


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3 Responses to MesAyah – Painted Perfect Beatmaker Competition

  1. evea192 says:

    Not bad, nice laid back track.

  2. Best of luck with your album!! I like the track too.

  3. I like the track! Best of luck!

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