365 daily challenge. Summary of week 12


It is nice to see the numbers of followers that has subscribed since my last post a week ago, and I thank you all for wonderful feedback on my verses from last week.

Here are the next summary for this week. Week 12. that means I have completed 12 out of 52 weeks, 3 out of 12 months of writing. I am very glad I have started doing this, if you wanna contribute by handing me a topic for instance, feel free to do so, and I will show my appreciation in words.

Day 84 25th of January

Topic: The Wanderer

No purpose of his footsteps, wherever his footblades step
the rest of his ligaments follows the next
The reflection of his perplex mindset
makes the complexity of his journey so perfect
He is a subject of an open mind, objective towards his project
So there is with no regrets
he takes the first steps
with open arms
the movement is repeated and he´s one step closer
but for each step he takes, he steps away from the closure
that pushed him off the ledge to find back to his composure
to fight the patterns of compulsory emotions
Discovery of a lifeline
Leap towards the light in the front line
Leaps in front of the bullets that is thrown towards his crushed mind
But they just bounce of him, it wasn´t his time, this time
so he wanders around one foot at a time,
and his ligaments follows the next one

day 83 24th of January

Topic: The words need to get out

They urge me to write it down
or even sing it, chant it, deliver, Please just vent it now
drown me with the syllables, frown upon my principals
the message should be screamed out, not inprinted in images
but thats where I disagree with the left side of my brain
I wanne put the words into the frames
and paint pictures from its names
and thats why my left brain hates me, cause on days
where my frames are not visible
The words overloads my thoughts and make me miserable
But I can´t help it, I just can´t make it visual
But the words need to get out, thats when alcohol gets drinkable
and like a dreamstate, i dream my words, and on occassions act them out
The next morning, they are gone, vanished with my braincells, I smacked them out
Emptiness takes over, now I crave for the wordchains
only got a few stains left on the paper, in the right side of the brain
So I use em just to push creation of the pain
forward so the words can start forming once again

Day 82 23rd of January 2012

Topic: Norwegian hip hop

If you ever cross this scene
I believe its the weirdest people you ever see
I never been involved with a group of mc´s
recenting eachothers music, by such huge means
But that is also why we got a hugeiy respected battle league
You see
Its too easy to call yourself an emcee
in Norway,
But those who deserve it, should wear their name proudly
I can mention Jester,  Axel, Son of light and Evig Poesi
People that will bleed their name and represent through poetry
Then take the efforts that they make and hand it back to the society
And I respect all the rappers and labelmates, Bonsaiety
And that is just a handful of my respected audiolethics
those who care about the music that they make, not a salespitch
or National demographics
If they need some graphics
they paint it on a city wall, or rap about it, and actually share their ethics
But don´t get me wrong, I am proud to be a part of this Scene
I just wish that they could be
a little bit more open minded when it comes to music, and not just towards smoking weed

Day 81 22nd of January 2012

Topic: Norway

We think our country is flawless, so we easily avoid the coldness
sourrounding our streets in the coldest of corners
But we can also be the warmest people, Home of the roses
wich rose so proudly when we needed it the most and we gave in large doses
Like most countries I guess we have the best and worst of both worlds
We have ignorance, everyday racism and a picture of the world as something that we worship
And then we have Care, in many different ways, support and a system that allows us to go against it
Freedom of speech has never been more free than in Norway
And off course its always some idiot politician trying to use that  his or her way
to use phrases that are like the three I mentioned earlier
But at least we don´t have relgious fanatics
or, we do, Its just that, we treath them like that, Like Religious fanatics
but we let them free their mind then we wander on with our lives, and no longer think about it
Unless there is race involved,
that seem to trigger Norwegians to brush the dust of views they left on the attic
back in 1913, look it up, both mattered deeply, and I thought we worked our way past it.
But when all comes down to where i wanna spend my life
Norway is the answer, time after time after time

Day 80 21th of January

Topic: Ghost writer

Performing poems for a lost soul
floating in the air, he haunts me for his best role
Controls me like i was remotely left of all kind of self contrtol
My mind is self absorbed,
and this ghost is taking shots at every black hole that he stole
from my mind, and filled it up with his words, not mine
so now I write his thoughts on this sheet of paper, no pride
I am confined from my own lines
telling all lies to people, just so he can let his work shine
I am defying every sentence of it
find no sense in this senseless moments
I just wrote “Hate is sensed by worthy opponents”
I wanna paint it black, but CAn´t fight my proponent
So I have to propose for my freedom, by Performing poems
Even though i didn´t wrote them, people still applaude em
And i feel sick

Day 79 20th of January 2012

Topic: Evening with the guys

No need of conversation, hanging out with easy entertainment
and just relaxing with your friends, without any backthoughts or attainments
Don’t have to train for these  occasions
Just beeing is the easiest state of beeing, I need no persuasion
to join these evening situations
Its nice to zoom out, and hang with your buddies
I just realized how white I must seem
for using the phrase “hang with my buddies”
But there is something about it, that just relaxes me
For any outsiders it may look like we ain’t do shit
But underneath the silence we show the exact opposite
and on any other night, we might discuss and even save the world
with just a couple of words, all issues are beeing served
the revelation and answers it deserves,
and we are the servants in the middle that served it
But at times we just need to feel a part of something
And Just do Nothing

Day 78 19th of January

Topic: New line in the web

I am a lyrical spin doctor. weave webs like a mad man
its a sad sad Sam, that looks me in the eyes over my last plan
Widened the span for the regular, weaved a new line in their web
World wide, I rule it globally in my head
You never get passed me unless you can draw the line backwards
and back it up with the words, that will read the past for me, sheep herds
Follow to the center
never wait for the creator
there will always be a spider waiting, and there´s no chance that you can take her
She will have you in that spider grip, unless i do this magic trick
I make your common sense vanish half as quick
as the thought patterns your battling with
I call your speaking skills, random rabbling
Your lifestructure for fumbling in the dark, and the i am humble with you
this is savaging of your life structure
Real life accupuncture
release the stress in your head, by giving the supportline you look after
When you some day lie there on your death bed
You will always thank the man the weaved your wide web
and be pleased that his words where so widespread
that you finally find something to build your life around with


Hope you will enjoy the read

and remember, the rest of the verses are to be found here: http://www.mesayah.com

The number of verses in there now is 84


Peace Love and Unity


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7 Responses to 365 daily challenge. Summary of week 12

  1. Kris Kennedy says:

    Thanks, always good to read…need to sit with each poem…so much to gleen

  2. simon7banks says:

    I like both 83 and 84. Just as well they’re written down – there’s stuff to think about there and at rap speed you couldn’t take it all in.

  3. E A M Harris says:

    I haven’t read them all but I liked The Wanderer for its rhythm and word picture of someone to whom walking is important. I also liked Norway very much – it expresses something a lot of people feel about their native countries. Thank you for posting them.

  4. #83 the words need to get out.. I love it

  5. I’m digging the funky rhythms of your mad rat-tat-tat-tat. There is something flowing and extraordinary about how you tap into that flow and let it go. When I read your lines I can hear you in my head, so you must be doing something right!

  6. itssrijana says:

    i liked “the words need to get out”its nice 🙂 n thanq

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