Summing up week 7 of 365 daily challenge

A sum up of week 7 wich also included a new alphabetic alternatives track

MesAyah – Alphabetic Alternatives Part 2

Day 49 21th of December

Topical: Mystical Love Affair

Pull those curtains slowly together
last stare out the window, on some bad adventure
I´m a mystical affair avenger
connector of the dots from my life offender
thought I´d repay the details I was served
an instant replay through my head, just to make sure
I portray the moment that made me pay back to the impure actions
the satisfaction of actual satisfaction
manifactured a thought pattern of profound reactions
its a fatal attractions,
cause this mystical love affair contracts to other options
Its just the purity of emotions
an ocean of pure devotion
to the commotion caused by our conjoint motions
this one time action has turned into an erosion
of my lost love,
it´s more than mystical, its mytchical
eurytmics and rythms with spiritual
lyrical contextual content
This Supplement of revenge, turned to something constant

Day 48 20th of December 2011

Topic: Fallow Soil

I leave it clean for the harvest season
no need to redeem the seeds
i left inside my largest deamons
It is hard to beat em
but I just have to leave em be
The soil I am standing on is freed
to let my thoughtpatterns exceed the greatness
What I planted last year, already exceeds the greatest
thats why I leave it like this, this year
Let it appear as blank sheets, with me as the frontier
an engineer of wordchains, with no dirt to spare
to exterminate the roots that have infiltreaded the earth we share
I am here to take over, to fight back the throne
but can’t build upon the old me,
have to create something from my own homegrown
selfabsored thoughts, to plant the seeds needed next fall
to start the fall of weeds and start growing the artform

Day 47 19th of December 2011

Topic: Broke

The ligaments are twisted, caused by some friction
My addiction towards danger cought my legs in a bad eviction
captured the momemt and suffered bad inflictions
can see the bonefragments stand out with mad precision
got mad injected with the painkiller syndrom
like listening to a twig break, but can´t feel the pain within them
I can only see the images,
a disturbing sight, have no idea how to even finish this
I am on the line with, the paramedics, just hope they can deliver it
the help I need
I try to stop the bleeding with some pieces from a ripped sleave
I can see some of the blood sieve out, I relive my worst dream
Cant believe that I am left here, I am relieved when I see
that the bleeding stops
and the Coloring of my fractures drops
I wrap em up with some more clothes,
and thats the last thing I remember,  before i Woke Up,
In the hospital

day 46 18th of December 2011

Topic: Hung over

the alchohol reeks out from my pores
sweat pearls tweeks out as I reach for the door
the desibel of the sounds are more than doubled
the footsteps are so loud I can´t even follow
what my two last braincells discuss over
there is something about last drop and poor covers
my time of death seems so sudden
have no interest of dragging this sudden death, just push the button
I want it to be over, crawl back into my dungeon
have thrown my last drunken monkey move, just wanna function
properly enoguh to take the last breath of something
but the last breath seems to be bluffing with my body
this can hardly be normal, hardly be healthy
I have to stop instantly
and live a life where I will see further than 50
and i will probably change my mind, next week
but until then I am gonna be resting and nesting
in the belif of beein healthy

Day 45 17th of December

Topic: Fundamentalism

To start it off quick, religion is not part of fundamentalism
Politics aint part of fundametalism
every ism is started cause of one mans vision
dream and selfsentered decisions
to gain followers to the divisions
that could loot and kill for his own missions
the urge of gaining control over someones soul
and make em believe what you somewhat told
to be the wholesome foretold story of the unknown
and kill for that belief is what postpones
the growth of our soul as a united whole
Yes it happens in religion, and yes it happens in politics
but that is just arenas where its allowed to perform this lunatic
way of control over etnic, ethics and gnostics
that use what people believe in to explain their cosmic
and then kill for it, cause thats the only thing thats real
in this one dimensional world we live in,
Expand the vivid vision of these people and rid the world for the evil
that lurks in the streets for their own well being
and I will leave it with that

Day 44 16th of December

Topic: 2nd class 2nd hand sofa

The Coach seat is flirting with my backbones
retreave messages of lust from its hormones
I can almost hear it moan,
the second I place my body in its comfort zone
something didn´t sit right, so it needs to throw pick up lines
picked up some weird scents, that fengshui vanilla kind
refuse to be trapped now, a good product doesn´t need to be advertised
I see through it, this is average disguised as classy and over prized
No need of getting this couch over-analyzed
Have a much greater urge to just get it vandalized
And man did I almost fall in that trap of buying this
got a fatal attraction towards 2nd hand I can´t dismiss
as first class,
but then on the other hand
this is 2nd class of a 2nd hand
and I am such an ass and a reckless man
So that couch will always have the upper hand
when it comes to ruling the decitions for me
but I refuse to be fooled or forfeit
but if it hadn´t fallen
for the temptation to flirt with me for it,
I would most likely have bought it

Day 43 15th of December 2011

Topic: Insomnia

The heaviest of eyelids, eye sockets are aching
a flying circus in my brain, try not to let it break in
flying figurines starts to conversate frantically
while the sound system penetrates the atmosphere anxiously
wobbling consonants, try to put the focus back to reality
but can´t seem to control the apathy inside of me
it is clustered by this manic street preacher
exorcising demons out of panicing creatures
Let a manikin feature as my harlequin teacher
So I can breathe relief out of a zeisure
I´ve tried to sleep for weeks now
tried several techniques out
but the voices still speak loud
and overcrowd my brain with madness
getting more heartless as the day passes
just crave that last second where light turns to blackness
and I can fall asleep again in silence and total darkness

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