What Conspiracy theories did for me and the rest of the world

What Conspiracy theories did for me and the rest of the world

Conspiracy theories, you probably seen them all now, zeitgeist, David Icke, Alex Jones, conspiracy 9/11, project camelot, free masons and all that. It was captivating in the beginning, something new, something fresh, a new way of looking on things, yes i was hooked, yes I agreed with it, off course this was the new truth, the new way, the way that was gonna lead us away from the lead way we already was lead on to believe we where being lead on……. Yeah thats right. But now we where lead in the right the direction, the only direction, but off course, we where free to make that decision ourselves, it was not them telling us what to believe like those evil spawns of satan who was bread up by aliens, lizards and what not was trying to do. They where just giving us the freedom to make our own free decision and wake up by listening to what they where saying. Yeah.

As mentioned I fell for it, i was more paranoid and aware than anyone else was, cause I was a free soul, I was certain that someone had an agenda, and that agenda was lead by those leading the world. But thats not what i am going to discuss here today, I am gonna discuss what Conspiracy Theories ever done for myself as an artist and the rest of the world.

I was hooked man, I was out there on a mission, spreading the word, spreading the news, that mankind had to free themselves, which i still believe we should do, but not to the same extent. That we where suppressed souls, brainwashed for all our beliefs and that we where closing in on the scenario of 1984. AAAAND boy did my music suck, and boy was I angry, and frustrated on everything. Yes maybe its true some of the things they question, and maybe the world is a cruel place where an elite rules everything from real estate to the drug companies. But that only raise a question of four words for me, and should for everyone else as well. Yeah. And. So. What?
The world is cruel. Be a man, stick up for yourself and deal with it. If your life sucks, do something to change it, don´t go on blaming others, and I don’t just want you to change it. I want you to enjoy it. Cause that is the most beautiful thing in the world, being able to change your views and make statements on behalf of your emotions, that is living life at the fullest.
So yeah, i was sitting at home, writing all this anger down, I was locked in this world, i think I wrote the same song 25 times, resulting in 2 actual tracks that was never, and will never ever be released unless i die and my wife finds them in a drawer and think releasing them will be the greatest idea ever.
I tried so hard of getting rid of that thought pattern, writing about something else, but my mind was connected to that side of life, and it nearly killed me as an artist, like any other thing in life you have to broaden your horizon to be able to create your perception of life, no matter what you are doing, that is the only thing that will set you free, if that is what you seek in life. Do not ever, ever, ever listen to what others have to say about how to achieve your happiness, that is an individual feeling, and only you can find out what makes you free and happy, there is never a recipe or an easy way out, it takes time to form yourself as a human being, and it is just the same for any artist out there, either you do theatre, art or music. Conspiracy theories is just a new belief system and religion that make sense because it battles the old belief systems you where fighting against.

But what have these theories done to the rest of the world then?
On the positive side, it has made people aware again, and have gotten people interested in themselves as human beings, they have opened a channel where you are allowed to think, but then again, only if you disagree with the old system, cause we can off course not agree with the evil side, follow the good side. and off course, there is no right or wrong…..or left. Its just the same, so they say, but there can´t be no evil without good, cause they can´t exist on their own, then its just presence, and we don´t want that, thats no fun.
The negative side of it, is of course that a lot of people walk around paranoid and certain that everyone wants to act bad. That every newsreader is a puppet, that every tv-show is meant to brainwash you (even though it seems like it) and that everything that happens in the world is a script written centuries ago. When the society first woke up and started to think again, when something started to matter, something that has not happened maybe since the hippie era in the seventies, we had to go on and start believing in a new religion, a religion based on hating all the other religions, just like the other religions do, so some guys can tour the world and make a shipload of money, just like the rest of the religions do, wether its politics, christianity, economy or any other weird dictation of beliefs.

And the fun part is off course, I call myself MesAyah, i see myself as a prophet of this world, equipped with the words I share with you cause I wanna wake you up, make you feel anger, sadness happiness and start believing in yourselves, but I am aware of the thin line I am balancing on, I don´t want you to adapt my beliefs, I want you to create your own, and if my words can help you on the way , you make me feel worthy of life, and I have given something back to society.

So to sum it all up. Life is to short to believe in something others say , find your own words for it and seek your own guidance within you, you are your only true God, It will make you a better person, myself a better artist, and the world a better place. At least the conspiracy theories inspired me enough to see that.
Take care and love life.


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3 Responses to What Conspiracy theories did for me and the rest of the world

  1. “Conspiracy theories is just a new belief system and religion that make sense because it battles the old belief systems you where fighting against.”
    Exactly. Thanks for sharing.

  2. skyonfire17 says:

    Well said. I do remember, about that time, that anyone who was into this whole scene would say “Its NOT a theory!” !!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. thewordisnow says:

    Yes the world is ruled by the evil elites this is not a Conspiracy theory it’s a proven fact, and there world is slowly but surely disappearing from the global, saying that you do have a point, your basically saying think for yourself, I agree with that logic.

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