Espen Stenersrød – Tilværelsen

I have started work on my Norwegian Album, this is the first track from it called “Tilværelsen”. Music is universal independent of language, so I hope you enjoy the sounds.


Genre: Poetic Ambient


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I am walking down Memory Lane

Hi everyone

This is the first time you hear from me in years. It has been some odd years and some good years. I have started a family, and spent a lot of time with them, and calmed down a little bit since last time. I have also tried to go away from the music scene and went into poetry and pure writing.

The last couple of months, the musical part of me has started to scream out again, and I have all of the sudden started singing lessons, playing the piano, the guitar and now started to play the drums as well, where it takes me, I do not now, but I want to get back to producing and writing music again.

With the new additions to my studio, I started to walk down Memory Lane yesterday and started to listen to old tracks, and unreleased studio material etc. It was a huge part of my life, so it felt good to take time to hear everything that have happened. Therefore I decided to share this journey with you as well, and the first year to appear as a playlist here, is the final year of my music career, 2013.

Please leave some feedback, its been to long, so if you just want to chat as well, I more than welcome you to do so

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MesAyah – Alone (Music Video)

Good morning everyone!

Its been a while since you all heard from me last, I have been busy and occupied with work, life and writining and publishing a new book in Norwegian.

It has also been a while since this song came out. Alone was made 4 years ago, and was marking my final days in the music business, before I took the turnover into poetry and my Piano and Poetry world. Today it is also five years since I followed my best friend to his rest, so I thought I would give him a last memory by finalizing a tribute video.

Hope you all enjoy this


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Get “in the noise, the silence never ends ” free of charge

Dear readers

This small little post is to inform you that I have made my book available for free for anyone with a kindle reader or app. The deal ends in 4 days,  so please download it now. You can either use your kindle device,  app for iPhone,  app for Android or app for Windows phone.  It can also be read on app for your to  computer through windows 7 and 10 or a mac.

Click the link here in the noise, the silence never ends


All the best


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The reason why I wrote “In the noise, the silence never ends”


After the attempted 365 daily challenge in 2014/15 ended at 220 days in October last year, I became very silent. Everything was left in its original form, with no immediate thought on what to do. I was too busy and too tired to even get my head around the words. When I re-entered the world of poetry again late summer of 2015, I started reading through my old poems to see if I could find a link between them. I was surprised to find out, that even though I had received topics from around the world to write to, there was a certain pattern carried throu71cnl0JiDbLgh all the poem, with only a few exceptions. I had through my 220 day long journey seemingly written a self-biography in form of poetry, that reflected different aspects of my life, at all the different stages. The challenge now would be to find a common key on how to create an interesting story in all the abstract images I had created. How could the message be conveyed the best, and how could I make sure that my readers could reflect on their own life situation? I wanted to speak beyond myself, but still through myself. The first thing I noticed, was that I needed to alter my poems, and improve the clarity of the poems, and let the content to suit the context. The poems was also needing images to serve the poems justice, and to give the readers something more to the words.


This is my life, this is all I have, all I have kept hidden in conversations with anyone else but my closest friends, not even my family are aware of the events and discussions and thoughts I have shared with myself through the years. This is my reflection of exactly that. I give no answers in this collection, and as you may experience, nothing is constant in life. The mirror and reflection reappears multiple times, in multiple settings through the book, for a reason, I am not fixed or cleansed at the end, only different.

This poetry collection marks the beginning of something else, hope you will enjoy it, and use it to reflect, laugh, cry and feel. I also hope you will take it out again, a couple of years from now and read it again, with a different view, and repeat that cycle again and again.

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Espen Stenersrod – “I am what I was” (Piano and Poetry)

Good evening everyone
I feel I am finally back at the momentum I want again, after a long break from everything. Yesterday I recorded this poem, and for the first time in almost 2 years, I used my microphone while recording this video. It felt good to finally sit an mix sound, have some time for myself and to go into the world of art and expressions again.

The poem I am covering in tonights Piano and poetry is ” I am what I was”. This is a brand new poem from my brand new poetry collection “In the noise, the silence never ends”

You can buy the book here:

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About the book:

“In the noise, the silence never ends” is a poetry collection containing fifty poems reflecting a life lived through childhood, changes, decisions, death, anxiety and loss. The poems are accompanied by pictures from the different stages in life. This is my life, this is all I have, all I have kept hidden in conversations with anyone else but my closest friends. This is my reflection of exactly that. This poetry collection marks the beginning of something new.

Hope you enjoy the poem

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Espen Stenersrod – “In the noise, the silence never ends” out on amazon

Hi everyone

It is with great pleasure that i can announce the release of my new poetry collection. The book is out on amazon for sale and you can purchase it directly from the store here:


“In the noise, the silence never ends” is a poetry collection containing fifty poems reflecting a life lived through childhood, changes, decisions, death, anxiety and loss. The poems are accompanied by pictures from the different stages in life. This is my life, this is all I have, all I have kept hidden in conversations with anyone else but my closest friends

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Espen Stenersrod – Frail

Inner circle wound
Flesh bent in desperation
Lost so many lives
I started worry of my own

Sanity kept,  for now
Marbled layers
Penetrated by notion
Emotions, Frail

Don’t want to leave anything


What I have is to valuable

It is not me,
At all

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Piano and poetry : Blushing Martyr

As you may know, I am running a new poetry channel called Piano and poetry. It has finally given me an outlet and a voice that speaks with the melodies in my head. I have published 16 videos so far, the newest one was released 2 days ago and is called Blushing martyr.

Watch the new video here and also the others by following the playlist. Comments are welcomed whether you like it or not



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Espen Stenersrod – Depression

Hi All

New Week, New Poem
This weeks poem is about depression, and the thought patterns connected to it. The darkness that one try to escape, but cannot find the light switch to be successful

Dark clouds
Matter over manner
Implosion of the vulnerable thought
Grows like a wounded seed
Turning into a flower of repercussion
That blossom in the presence of past
Damned by your own thought patterns
There are no lights held at the tunnel
Death only exists as a way in

Birth, avoided
Giving life to nothing but a new signal
Would push you further than the ground

is the circle of non existence
You are only yourself and no one else
So the image held in your palms
Could never define truth
But it’s too dark to see it

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