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3000 facebook likes = New track: One step forward

The only track I will release in 2013 will be released at 3000 facebook likes Good evening ladies and gentlemen I am writing you tonight to inform you that beacause of time issues in 2013 with way too much to … Continue reading

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365 daily challenge summary week 50

The last Remake of a songtitle for now With only two weeks left and only october left this week was the last remake of a songtitle week in the challenge, thank you for all your inputs and suggestions, and hope … Continue reading

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MesAyah Live at XO Hiphop out on Spotify!

MesAyah release new Live EP MesAyah visited the independent student radio XOHIPHOP in July this year and performed a couple of tracks Live on Radio, Luckily it was recorded and you can now for the first time hear the exclusive … Continue reading

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Recordings of Alphabetic Alternatives part 1 and 2 w/Lyrics

Hello again my fellow poets and musicians A while ago, early in my challenge I wrote three verses in three seperate days on the letters of the alphabet, the rule was that all words in a double line, even the … Continue reading

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New Track: MesAyah – Painted Perfect

Good evening This is a track that I have been working on for a while, and I made the decision this week, that it will not be on my upcoming album because it doenst fit the sound I am going … Continue reading

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Studiosession with Mounir Sassi from Conurbia

Had the privilege to welcome Mounir Sassi from Conurbia Back to the studio again for a quick recording session for a new track. He laid down three verses and a hook on an amazing Kay-Z beat It is always a … Continue reading

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Moving into a new appartment

Finally I have moved to a new appartment, not everything has been moved yet. but we are getting closer and closer. Yesterday my studio was once again up and running and man what an amazing flow of sound there was in the … Continue reading

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On the move, building new studio

Saturday afternoon. more boxes are ready, we are moving, and we are moving on Wednesday. Most of the livingroom is emptied out, The kitchen is emptied out, and our closets in our bedroom are getting closer towards empty. I cant … Continue reading

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