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Get “in the noise, the silence never ends ” free of charge

Dear readers This small little post is to inform you that I have made my book available for free for anyone with a kindle reader or app. The deal ends in 4 days,  so please download it now. You can … Continue reading

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The reason why I wrote “In the noise, the silence never ends”

  After the attempted 365 daily challenge in 2014/15 ended at 220 days in October last year, I became very silent. Everything was left in its original form, with no immediate thought on what to do. I was too busy … Continue reading

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Piano and poetry : Blushing Martyr

As you may know, I am running a new poetry channel called Piano and poetry. It has finally given me an outlet and a voice that speaks with the melodies in my head. I have published 16 videos so far, … Continue reading

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Espen Stenersrod – Depression

Hi All New Week, New Poem This weeks poem is about depression, and the thought patterns connected to it. The darkness that one try to escape, but cannot find the light switch to be successful Dark clouds Matter over manner … Continue reading

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Espen Stenersrød – Serenade of Sirens

Another piano and poetry video is out. The fourth video of the weekend is called “Serenade of Sirens”

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Two new poems with Piano ” Love” and “Mother”

Hi guys I am now loose from my chains of academic work, which were the reason why I had to stop my 365 daily challenge in the first place. But here is two of the poems from the challenge, accompanied … Continue reading

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Espen Stenersrod – Point of No return

This weeks poem is picked from my poetry collection last year called “A lifecycle in Nihighnigma” http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GJVAHY8/ref=cm_sw_su_dp The poem is called “Point of No return” and represent the world in its last weeks of battle for existence Point of no … Continue reading

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Espen Stenersrød – Undergrowth ( Piano and Poetry)

Originally posted on Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart:
Another Poem accompanied by the Zimmerman Piano is out, today’s Poem is a more naturalistic poem called Undergrowth Be sure to subscribe and add a comment if you like the…

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Espen Stenersrod – Dantes´ Heaven and Hell

This weeks second poem. I am breathing fresh air into one of my really old poems called “Dantes´ Heaven and Hell”. If you like this one, be sure to subscribe and maybe put down some words as well.   Dantes´ … Continue reading

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Espen Stenersrod performing his poem “reflections”

Me, my piano and my words, a late March night in my appartment in Oslo Continue reading

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