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I need topics for day 100.

Day 100 in the 365 daily Challenge is coming up, and I have been wondering what to do with it, to make it a little bit special. The hundreds needs to be marked I think. After long thought I landed … Continue reading

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A Life Cycle in Nihighnigma (2013)

Available at Amazon and Kindle A lifecycle in Nihighnigma A Lifecycle in Nihighnigma is situated in an utopian fantasy universe called Nihighnigma. We follow a world from the beginning of man, its first steps and meetings with spirituality. It contains … Continue reading

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New Poem – Summer

This is one of the poems from my last book “A lifecycle in Nihighnigma” Summer Dancing on the memories of eden blossom in the presence of lust caressing every step you take flowers so fresh you can taste it when … Continue reading

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The first print of Nihighnigma

It is the proud moment of enjoying the fresh smell of my new book. It has arrived, ready for the release date. In this poem right here Nihighnigma takes its first step into existence You can order your copy at … Continue reading

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Pre-order ” A lifecycle in Nihighnigma” from Createspace.com now

   The book has finally gone through the publishing and print and is just waiting for its release date 6th of December, but you can already pre-order the book by clicking my Createspace store. You will then actually get it … Continue reading

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The personal manifesto

Good evening/Morning, depending on where you at “Don`t believe, you are someone” – Daniel Stokkan Pain is something you can not control or hold back, no matter how hard you try it will be there with you, and the days … Continue reading

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The thoughts behind Nihighnigma

A little peak behind the created universe of Nihighnigma If someone asks me about this book, and what the idea behind it was I am going to be short and use just one word: Grief. Grief started it all, and … Continue reading

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