Espen Stenersrod – Depression

Hi All

New Week, New Poem
This weeks poem is about depression, and the thought patterns connected to it. The darkness that one try to escape, but cannot find the light switch to be successful

Dark clouds
Matter over manner
Implosion of the vulnerable thought
Grows like a wounded seed
Turning into a flower of repercussion
That blossom in the presence of past
Damned by your own thought patterns
There are no lights held at the tunnel
Death only exists as a way in

Birth, avoided
Giving life to nothing but a new signal
Would push you further than the ground

is the circle of non existence
You are only yourself and no one else
So the image held in your palms
Could never define truth
But it’s too dark to see it

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Espen Stenersrod – Broken Flower

Hi everyone

I managed to squeeze in another short poem in the tight schedule of being a father of two small kids.

So here is ” Broken Flower” in Piano and Poetry. Please subscribe if you like it

Broken flower
Whispered dreams lost with the wind
As she spoke her mind
Against her will
While the answers
Faded on her silent echoes

She will never be as pure as this
Ever again

Her strength,
broken in half
Laid down on the ground
Buried next to her virgin fantasy
In a white dress of misconceptions

She is left covered with self hatred
With small droplets of fragility
Dripping from her petals

her precious petals

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Espen Stenersrød – I Am Like human

Good morning, afternoon and evening to you all

This weeks piano and poetry video discuss an important development in how we interact. How we measure and pressure ourselves in social media, to save time during our daily routines in a more and more dehumanized society in the west. We loose more and more contact with our friends and family, due to life´s increasing presence, and has found a middle way through social media, to stay in touch with our close ones. We focus more and more on showing the people we love, that we are doing alright, and that everythiong is going to be fine. The problem arise when it is not, the human contact, the need of speaking, comfort and actually human touch cannot be replaced by a facebook like, or a RT on twitter, but we try to find the outlet anyhow, but there is no replies in the echoes.

If you feel that someone needs to see this, or just want to share it with the world, feel free to do so, it is important. And if you feel that they need it, because they are in this situation, call them, go over there, give them your love, and share it with them, so you can see their reaction, when words are spoken.

Be in direct contact with those you love

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At least thought someone would like it
Just posted my guts out
I wish I could have seen your face when you read it.
I remember how it blossomed back in the days when we actually talked
You would pass me as serenade like reply, sung from your lungs
And I could really feel it when you liked it
And when you hated something I said
I felt it even harder.

I look at this empty field
Feeling the urge to see you
But we don’t do that anymore
Time has eaten up and consumed every precious moment we had, and will have.
I look at this empty field
And thank you for at least not pushing like , just to show me that you are there.
I miss that honesty in my life

Sitting here waiting for hearts and dislikes
I might as well feel ashamed
that I didn’t see my family this year
To busy to pick up anything
But at least they have my pictures
My perfectly shaped pictures
A summary of how happy I am.
At least they have that

I breathe
I feel
I carry my only dream
I am free
I kneel
And we are just a screen

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Espen Stenersrød – Serenade of Sirens

Another piano and poetry video is out. The fourth video of the weekend is called “Serenade of Sirens”

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Espen Stenersrød – Poetry

My hymn and tribute to Poetry

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Two new poems with Piano ” Love” and “Mother”

Hi guys

I am now loose from my chains of academic work, which were the reason why I had to stop my 365 daily challenge in the first place.

But here is two of the poems from the challenge, accompanied by my Zimmermann Piano

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Espen Stenersrød – Nihighnigma

This weeks poem is the final three poems from my book ” A lifecycle in Nihighnigma” joint together as the end, ressurection and recreation of Nihighnigma.

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A flash of light
The four-dimensional image stops
The world is divided on a line of event
When I look behind me
I see it all unfold
Placing itself perfectly
And it all makes sense
To my surprise it continues when I turn back again
They are all there
In the future
I see that most of them are still filled with fear
They have not realised it yet
More and more alone, but not lonely

As I move towards them
They rise and join the line
Placing themselves in the story
Losing shape, and starting to glow
We are increasing in numbers up here
I reach the end of my experience
The light had returned to Nihighnigma

Then pitch black

The most unselfish died first
They are also the first in line for a second chance
I am no longer me
Them are now we
The unselfishness smells wonderful
Adding the first colours to the surroundings
We can only be bystanders
As we witness the creation of a world we already destroyed once
It is beautiful
Seeing something young and innocent
Blossom from the roots of its own self
Taking its first steps to share some of the baggage with the rest of us

I believe it rained today
The stars cried both of regret and joy
Regret over letting ego destroy the pure
Joy because innocence got a second chance
It felt good to cry
We gave something back
To help the growth in the beginning
The remorse we bore over the kids we once bore inside of us
Were released on this day

Sounds that penetrate, nothing
The apocalypse inferno
An emotional journey to the centre of the earth
Now, we are here
Only on the outside looking in
No more

We are the colours that blend
The wind that speaks
The soil that reach beneath ourselves
We are the soldiers of truth
We are the peaceful warriors that lost
And fell
Lost everything, and therefore won

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