Espen Stenersrød – Planted the Seed ( Piano + Poem)

Dear All

I have once again teamed up with my Zimmermann and recorded a video of one of my poems. This time it is the poem Planted the seed from day 211 of the 365 daily challenge. Hope you enjoy this as well.

“Planted the seed”
By: Espen Stenersrød, Oslo, Norway

She carried her eyes of gold
Her helping hands were automated
A fire burning low in her heart
Warm carrier of no regrets

Her kindred soul held no firm grip over her kindness
Jealousy was present in her cause
Worn on her left arm
She swore to reject the dream

So she planted a seed
A seed that would exceed beneath belief
grow inside and feed on her kind heart
She named the seed, need

In between the hands of need
She planted weeds
To represent lust, longing and deadly dreams
To demolish the kind and sweet

She looked into the eyes of gold
That had turned black as oil and dry as charcoal
Nothing left, but dead expressions
As the lady carried out a stale smile

Looking into those eyes of dead
The kindred soul exhaled
The empty stare
Left nothing in her
So she told about her affairs

She told about the seed of need
And all the weeds that intertwined
The lady answered with a nod

I knew she replied
Knowledge nodded in her eyes
I needed to see how far you would go
Before I could save your gold

We all act good
Mostly bad
I had to loose my gold to show you that
But inside us all lies all the gold
To save us from us all

Have peace
Die restfully
Our kindness is our dreams
So please, look into my eyes
When I tell you, you were always in my sleep

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Espen Stenersrød – Lost (poem and piano)

Another one of my piano and poetry evenings are over

enjoy this video, and please comment on it in the comment section here


He carried the labor of five generations on his shoulders
Their struggle embedded in his palms
scarred by the light
his eyes danced rapidly in a saccadic dance movement
desperate for a rest
From the invisible hand
pulling him back on the assembly line

Hopes of relief
hopes of breaking the pattern
The want and need of achievement
Captivated in chains
by both past and present
his heart holds the future
His mind refuses to let go of the fear

In the mirror he sees a reflection he can not hold
A resembled picture of his old man
It is him
the misty blue eyes
the greyish hair
that used to be worn with pride

Time is running out
is this what he has become
He wants to paint a picture from his conscience
the future will remember
word by word

But all he sees is the reflection of his old man
the fear
the tired limbs
the bent head
looking for the next opening

The string is still there to hold
so he ties it to his heart
to be remembered that he is still alive

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Espen Stenersrod performing his poem “reflections”

Hi all

It is amazing how a piano can just make you at ease and inspire new ways of expressions for you. This happened to me last night, just sitting at home at night, having some extra time between studies. I sat down by the piano, touching each key very gently and starting playing with some words I had written. All of the sudden, this appeared to me and you can watch the performance here. It is me, my words and the Piano.

Hope you enjoy


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I fell in love with Zimmerman

It’s Friday night, one of those nights that invites for staying home.
Me and my wife have just said goodbye to the piano tuner, and we are both eager to get started.


The old piano is a Zimmerman from 1892,  has its small creeks and special identity after spending it’s last years in a basement. I can only imagine where it has been on its long 123 years journey.

I know that it was used in an old pub in Oslo as a bar piano. And I also know it spent some 50 years after world War two in a hotel.  But there is no stories beyond that.


So after this long wait of a four hour session of repairs and tuning,  I could finally sit down in front of the piano and breathe in its beautiful noise and acoustic crisp noise.

The only thing left now is to learn how to play

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My fitness change in one picture

One and a half year ago today,  I started my change towards a better life style. I started making food from scratch,  have slightly more fruit, veg and fish into my diet,  and most importantly,  I started working out regularly four times a week. This resulted in me stopping to drink alcohol  last summer, to get even healthier.  My weight started at 239,8 lbs and I am currently down to 199 lbs and have reached my first of many goals.  In all this diet hysteria times, and miracle cures,  I wanted to share my story.  I have followed the hard work and common sense program,  also known as World Health Organization guidelines for healthy eating and working out. I have invested one and a half years into this,  and will spend the next twenty years doing the same thing.   Don’t get your body out of balance,  balance it correctly instead

Here is the picture that shows the results



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Linnea Nordum – Throathy Whisper

Dear All

I am going to share this last song with you, Once again, Linnea Nordum has made her own version from one of my poems from the 365 daily challenge. This one is called Throathy Whisper, and revolves around a girl who dear not to speak, and the realization of why she is mute. Linnea does a fabolous job right here. so Enjoy. Here are the lyrics as well:

Heavy resonance
Vibrating to the tones of her vocal chord
Breath held back in a threshold

The pressure is so much harder
Than the sound
That suddenly emerges from her tongue
After a few seconds

I realize it’s not her  mothers one
That her mother’s probably gone
Wishing it was over
Realize it’s never done
The word she whispered crushed me
Now I wish I was the one
As I witnessed what her father’s done

I releaved her throat
With a single finger on her lips
Signal of rest
To calm her signals of distress

Body language spoke of horror
Her face spoke less
Her chin kissed the mounting of her chest
Lips sealed
Arms bent
Around her knees to get a grip of safe

A glimpse of faith


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MesAyah – Children Of War Live spoken word @ radio free your mind – SoundCloud

Listen to MesAyah – Children Of War Live spoken word @ radio free your mind by MesAyah #np on #SoundCloud

One year since this live radio performance. The world is not getting better.  Difference now is that our children are the murdered victims

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