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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 23

Day 23 20.03.2014 Topic: Freedom Topic given by: Joe Kieran Wires entangled into chaos The word we chose to represent the untangling, was freedom Crawling around to find a safe socket To catch a breath from this I could also … Continue reading

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Poem: Reflections

a torn image of a half god Reflected in the mirror It looks back at me And my dark eyes Sheds a shadow To create the resemblance of a tear

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On the phrase ‘man up’, and the correct response.

Originally posted on o h , s i e n a :
Another magnificent piece of poetry, and another beautifully articulated argument for the utter abolishment of these ridiculous gender roles. I’m starting to become a real fan of Button Poetry.

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I need your Help to review the Messnical EP

Reviews and ratings crucial for your music As you all probably know, the music business works in mysterious ways, and where they can put money and promotion into an album like it was nothing, us other independent artist has to … Continue reading

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New official music video from my label mates Evig Poesi

Norwegian super duo Evig Poesi release “Foliehatt” (trans. Tin foil hat) a kick in the side to all conspiracy theorists, this is a salute to illuminati. I know it is in Norwegian and google translate is to much to offer:) … Continue reading

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Originally posted on One Question Music:
MesAyah is a Norwegian rapper that occupies a very cool space with shades of classic RnB and a flow that wouldn’t be out of place if put amongst the early Hip-Hop pioneers. There’s some…

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Poem – Dear friend

Originally posted on Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart:
Dear Friend   Best friend, Angel white, pure feathers on a naked skin. Soft to touch in mind and spirit, cleansed like a baby’s whim you danced so well with…

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