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If this is my last song

In september i wrote and recorded this song as a memory of a great mind, my best friend , one of those people I truly loved of all my heart. If fate wants it this way, it would probably be … Continue reading

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Linnea Nordum feat MesAyah – Sweet little melodies

I had forgotten the beauty of this voice Was sitting here in my own thoughts tonight and all of the sudden this song appeared and I was reminded of this Swedish/Norwegian girl and her beautiful voice. She has made the … Continue reading

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Music Recomendation: Damien – Snake Eater (Official Album)

Starting the new year recommending music One of my fellow rappers here in Norway are finally out with his new album Snake Eater. I definitely recommend you to check this album out. He has done every step himself, producing the … Continue reading

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Welcome to all my new followers

Just wanted to greet and say hi, and thank you to all my new followers in December. Thank you for your wondeful blogs, and they all deserve to be checked out all and everyone of them: Faye G sstorm0730 … Continue reading

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The reason why I write

End of the year reflections Why do I write? The question comes to me often, and is also one of the most frequent questions I get. It always stumps me a bit, but I know it to well. I write … Continue reading

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Hear the angels sing

Another angel will watch over me this christmas Christmas is the time to spend with your loved ones, family, friends and people you hold close in your life. It is also the celebration of remembrance and care. The older you … Continue reading

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MesAyah – Children of war Live @ Radio Free your mind

Visited Radio Free your mind, played a couple of songs and read from the book A couple of weeks ago I visited The old Varde theatre in Oslo, actually the oldest building in Oslo, and it used to be the … Continue reading

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