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Espen Stenersrod – “I am what I was” (Piano and Poetry)

Good evening everyone I feel I am finally back at the momentum I want again, after a long break from everything. Yesterday I recorded this poem, and for the first time in almost 2 years, I used my microphone while … Continue reading

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The 365 daily challenge is for everyone!

Let us UNITE in our art The 365 daily challenge is not only just for readers and poets. It is also for  singers  dancers,  artists (visual arts),  sculptors etc. If you would like to use my poems from 365 to … Continue reading

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A 365 daily challenge: Day 1

Day 1 26.02.2014 Topic: Fog A damper in distress my eyes see only the clouds To look beneath where I am from, seems impossible I am the rain that creates them I am their starting point It clouts my own … Continue reading

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Poem: The old man in the corner

Looking back in time I found what i wrote in my 365 daily challenge on this day in 2011 Looking back a couple of years, still early in the 365 daily challenge. January was the month where I started to … Continue reading

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New Poem – Summer

This is one of the poems from my last book “A lifecycle in Nihighnigma” Summer Dancing on the memories of eden blossom in the presence of lust caressing every step you take flowers so fresh you can taste it when … Continue reading

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Competition time: Three signed copies of ” A lifecycle in Nihighnigma” up for grabs

JOIN IN Competition time: It is now only a week left before this book goes out on sale in stores around the world. I have three copies I want to sign and give away to you guys and it is … Continue reading

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A lifecycle in Nihighnigma out 6th of December

  Espen Stenersrød, is the 6th of December 2013, ready for his second book release. The book itself will contain a line of poems connected with the story of a lifecycle in a utopian fantasy of human emotions, where I … Continue reading

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