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The 365 daily challenge is for everyone!

Let us UNITE in our art The 365 daily challenge is not only just for readers and poets. It is also for  singers  dancers,  artists (visual arts),  sculptors etc. If you would like to use my poems from 365 to … Continue reading

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Journey to the center of the earth – On a friday

Hi Its been a long time since I have shared any of my trips out in the forest with you, so here we go with a new wonderful trip out in the Norwegian forest. My old friend the duck was … Continue reading

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Out in The woods again, Norwegian nature with Daughter part 2

10 minute walk from the apartment and this reveals itself Last time I was out in the woods with my daughter I wrote that being out like that just triggers creativity and that night I wrote one of the darkest … Continue reading

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Recreation in the Woods with my daughter

had an amazing time out I am living in the great country of Norway where the dads get 3 months off work paid by the state and with a 2 month off this summer I have a total off 5 … Continue reading

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New weekly Competition

Welcome to MesAyah´s first online competition Every week I will post a new picture of something and the first one to answer back what it is will recieve a free gift. it could be music, merchandise or something completely different, … Continue reading

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