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Espen Stenersrød – Lost (poem and piano)

Another one of my piano and poetry evenings are over enjoy this video, and please comment on it in the comment section here Lost He carried the labor of five generations on his shoulders Their struggle embedded in his palms … Continue reading

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I need topics for the 365 Daily Challenge

Good morning and evening depending on where you are in the world. I am currently at a cabin in the mountains of Norway in this scenery I am always in need of topics for the challenge as that is the … Continue reading

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Linnea Nordum feat MesAyah – Sweet little melodies

I had forgotten the beauty of this voice Was sitting here in my own thoughts tonight and all of the sudden this song appeared and I was reminded of this Swedish/Norwegian girl and her beautiful voice. She has made the … Continue reading

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Music Recomendation: Damien – Snake Eater (Official Album)

Starting the new year recommending music One of my fellow rappers here in Norway are finally out with his new album Snake Eater. I definitely recommend you to check this album out. He has done every step himself, producing the … Continue reading

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Out in The woods again, Norwegian nature with Daughter part 2

10 minute walk from the apartment and this reveals itself Last time I was out in the woods with my daughter I wrote that being out like that just triggers creativity and that night I wrote one of the darkest … Continue reading

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Recreation in the Woods with my daughter

had an amazing time out I am living in the great country of Norway where the dads get 3 months off work paid by the state and with a 2 month off this summer I have a total off 5 … Continue reading

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MesAyah vs Justin Bieber Picture

Originally posted on Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart:
Fans can be amazing! Got this hilarious picture sent to me by a fan earlier today, obviously that person have been following me for a couple of years now, and…

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