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The reason why I wrote “In the noise, the silence never ends”

  After the attempted 365 daily challenge in 2014/15 ended at 220 days in October last year, I became very silent. Everything was left in its original form, with no immediate thought on what to do. I was too busy … Continue reading

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I fell in love with Zimmerman

It’s Friday night, one of those nights that invites for staying home. Me and my wife have just said goodbye to the piano tuner, and we are both eager to get started. The old piano is a Zimmerman from 1892,  … Continue reading

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 36

Day 36 02.04.2014 Topic: Love Topic given by AB The physical structure of the word love was carved into your forehead One glance at you A share of words And everyone knew they had encountered something beautiful The physical structure … Continue reading

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 31

Day 31 28.03.2014 Topic: Unrequited Love Topic given by joleefinch 183 Handed herself on a plate Cold flesh With warm layers of her skin Trying to make herself inviting Illusion of love Resemblance of lust Thinking this was it The … Continue reading

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 10

Day 10 07.03.2014 Topic: Love and gender roles Thick red lines Symmetrical at first glance If you look deep enough You will find inequality right around  the phrase, I love you One goes straight But can’t quite follow the line … Continue reading

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A wonderful Masterpiece – Bestanddeler ( musical art instalation)

Listen, feel and love Out of respect for a wonderful person and artist who left this world to soon, I wanted to share  this installment with you guys. You should take the next 26 minutes, close your eyes, and just … Continue reading

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New Poem: Sunset

Hello again Was lying in bed again and you all know thats when words arrive to me. So here is the first poem in a while. Sunset sunset dark canvas illuminated by a half god in symmetry with small sparks it … Continue reading

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Out in The woods again, Norwegian nature with Daughter part 2

10 minute walk from the apartment and this reveals itself Last time I was out in the woods with my daughter I wrote that being out like that just triggers creativity and that night I wrote one of the darkest … Continue reading

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365 daily challenge summary week 44

New week, baby is getting bigger My babygirl Ea is growing along with the list of poems on my website long days and nights are always an influence for writing. loving every second of it. this week has been good … Continue reading

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What is your Favorite song? next week is song title week in 365 daily challenge

Hello again As you already know I am writing my 365 daily challenge, one verse daily for a year. As these posts here on my blog very often has a tendency to be about myself, I wanna shift the focus … Continue reading

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