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Espen Stenersrød – Tilværelsen

I have started work on my Norwegian Album, this is the first track from it called “Tilværelsen”. Music is universal independent of language, so I hope you enjoy the sounds.   Genre: Poetic Ambient   Advertisements

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Espen Stenersrod – Alone

This weeks poem is a late birthday present to a dear friend. He said that my way of reaching out, and my true stage, was through poetry. So in his memory, I did a remake of my tribute song Alone, … Continue reading

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Espen Stenersrød – Lost (poem and piano)

Another one of my piano and poetry evenings are over enjoy this video, and please comment on it in the comment section here Lost He carried the labor of five generations on his shoulders Their struggle embedded in his palms … Continue reading

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Poem: Reflections

a torn image of a half god Reflected in the mirror It looks back at me And my dark eyes Sheds a shadow To create the resemblance of a tear

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Frank Thomas Andersen leser “Hvor har vi gjemt alt vi var” av Espen Stenersrød

Noen ganger skriver jeg på norsk også, det blir motatt av mine landsmenn på en veldig god måte, og her er en av dem, Frank Tomas Andersen, mens han leser mitt dikt, “Hvor har vi gjemt alt vi var” Malplassert … Continue reading

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