I am walking down Memory Lane

Hi everyone

This is the first time you hear from me in years. It has been some odd years and some good years. I have started a family, and spent a lot of time with them, and calmed down a little bit since last time. I have also tried to go away from the music scene and went into poetry and pure writing.

The last couple of months, the musical part of me has started to scream out again, and I have all of the sudden started singing lessons, playing the piano, the guitar and now started to play the drums as well, where it takes me, I do not now, but I want to get back to producing and writing music again.

With the new additions to my studio, I started to walk down Memory Lane yesterday and started to listen to old tracks, and unreleased studio material etc. It was a huge part of my life, so it felt good to take time to hear everything that have happened. Therefore I decided to share this journey with you as well, and the first year to appear as a playlist here, is the final year of my music career, 2013.

Please leave some feedback, its been to long, so if you just want to chat as well, I more than welcome you to do so

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