Espen Stenersrod – Depression

Hi All

New Week, New Poem
This weeks poem is about depression, and the thought patterns connected to it. The darkness that one try to escape, but cannot find the light switch to be successful

Dark clouds
Matter over manner
Implosion of the vulnerable thought
Grows like a wounded seed
Turning into a flower of repercussion
That blossom in the presence of past
Damned by your own thought patterns
There are no lights held at the tunnel
Death only exists as a way in

Birth, avoided
Giving life to nothing but a new signal
Would push you further than the ground

is the circle of non existence
You are only yourself and no one else
So the image held in your palms
Could never define truth
But it’s too dark to see it

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3 Responses to Espen Stenersrod – Depression

  1. cvnadagroup2017 says:

    great pos

  2. swamiyesudas says:

    Good poem, my Dear Espen! Yes, it is the Darkness that is the Depression. And in Depression, one sees oneself and No one else. ‘Others’ are Needed to come out of it, and they DO exist, even in one’s own circles. Often the ‘Others’ have to make the approaches, and keep doing it, for a person to come out of it. …I know, because I have been Very close to Depression, if not fully in it.

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