Espen Stenersrod – Broken Flower

Hi everyone

I managed to squeeze in another short poem in the tight schedule of being a father of two small kids.

So here is ” Broken Flower” in Piano and Poetry. Please subscribe if you like it

Broken flower
Whispered dreams lost with the wind
As she spoke her mind
Against her will
While the answers
Faded on her silent echoes

She will never be as pure as this
Ever again

Her strength,
broken in half
Laid down on the ground
Buried next to her virgin fantasy
In a white dress of misconceptions

She is left covered with self hatred
With small droplets of fragility
Dripping from her petals

her precious petals

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2 Responses to Espen Stenersrod – Broken Flower

  1. We liked, we shared, we followed. Looking forwards to reading more. 🙂

  2. melissajmcd says:

    Fabbb idea!!!! You have an absolutely amazing blog very creative and beautiful!

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    Have a great day and keep blogging!!! xxxx

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