Espen Stenersrød – I Am Like human

Good morning, afternoon and evening to you all

This weeks piano and poetry video discuss an important development in how we interact. How we measure and pressure ourselves in social media, to save time during our daily routines in a more and more dehumanized society in the west. We loose more and more contact with our friends and family, due to life´s increasing presence, and has found a middle way through social media, to stay in touch with our close ones. We focus more and more on showing the people we love, that we are doing alright, and that everythiong is going to be fine. The problem arise when it is not, the human contact, the need of speaking, comfort and actually human touch cannot be replaced by a facebook like, or a RT on twitter, but we try to find the outlet anyhow, but there is no replies in the echoes.

If you feel that someone needs to see this, or just want to share it with the world, feel free to do so, it is important. And if you feel that they need it, because they are in this situation, call them, go over there, give them your love, and share it with them, so you can see their reaction, when words are spoken.

Be in direct contact with those you love

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At least thought someone would like it
Just posted my guts out
I wish I could have seen your face when you read it.
I remember how it blossomed back in the days when we actually talked
You would pass me as serenade like reply, sung from your lungs
And I could really feel it when you liked it
And when you hated something I said
I felt it even harder.

I look at this empty field
Feeling the urge to see you
But we don’t do that anymore
Time has eaten up and consumed every precious moment we had, and will have.
I look at this empty field
And thank you for at least not pushing like , just to show me that you are there.
I miss that honesty in my life

Sitting here waiting for hearts and dislikes
I might as well feel ashamed
that I didn’t see my family this year
To busy to pick up anything
But at least they have my pictures
My perfectly shaped pictures
A summary of how happy I am.
At least they have that

I breathe
I feel
I carry my only dream
I am free
I kneel
And we are just a screen

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4 Responses to Espen Stenersrød – I Am Like human

  1. Sue says:

    Valid points, Espen

  2. mizqui says:

    Wooooooo! Bravo! Encore! Way to go Espen. (making cheering noises) — I really enjoyed that. Keep it up – I’ll be back.

  3. mizqui says:

    Reblogged this on Qui Entertainment Magazine and commented:
    Sometimes when surfing the WP community you can find some real refreshing gems (sites). It’s no secret that I’m a poet (you better know it) – therefore, you’ll understand my attraction to this reblog this piece. Without further ado, give it up for the Espen and his melodically sweet, clear and direct compositions. Enjoy!

  4. Katherine says:

    I like your approach and style.Sometimes people don’t know what to say

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