Espen Stenersrod – Alone

This weeks poem is a late birthday present to a dear friend. He said that my way of reaching out, and my true stage, was through poetry. So in his memory, I did a remake of my tribute song Alone, and turned it into a poem accompanied by piano.

Night faded with the lights out
Love raised me
and punched me with a right strike
Punched a hole in my heart
try to find the lost piece
can´t puzzle the picture with lost parts
well, there´s a hole in me
try to fill it with you energy
a metaphor for memories
melancholy remedies, beating in your melodies
all is a metaphor for everything
we´re all metaphors for life and living
life is just a metaphor for human being
but i much rather have you here

Sitting alone
waiting for you to come home
to the place you belong

Conversations for a life time
debates and discussions
triggered life to out paradigm
saw your life as my life line
wrote your life on my mic stand
while i carried your wisdom
in my right hand
we wanted to change the world
we wanted to reach the minds
you changed them all at once
I changed them one at a time
you breath hope and devotion
you bled emotions
just to lead your friends into the open
you where the mark and sign of art
you put your mark in and signed my heart
so i could take it forward

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2 Responses to Espen Stenersrod – Alone

  1. dellanioakes says:

    Lovely poem.

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