Espen Stenersrod – Dantes´ Heaven and Hell

This weeks second poem. I am breathing fresh air into one of my really old poems called “Dantes´ Heaven and Hell”.
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Dantes´ Heaven and Hell
By: Espen Stenersrød, Oslo Norway

Through the first circle
Limbo carried on the shoulders of lust
caught in flames of the written word
All knowledge fades In light of the individual seeker
blown between the states of nothing and needless
endless answers blowing in the wind
swallowed by the gates of hell
thrown to the icy cold
monster of selfishness
holding the sword named sensuality
to fight the king of greed
touched by angels in order to redeem himself
Destroyed by the wrath and anger
he faces what soon will kill his being
silent whispers in his ear
the lie
that his soul will die
with him
and he is doomed for eternal violence
forced on by titans and giants
Eon judge his fraud
Selene sentence him for the act of treachery
left to burn
inside the bars of the nine circles
Left alone to search

Visit to the moon
Pact between man and good
drawn in the surface of a moon rock
the sphere of the inconsistent
soon ambitious enough to search
beyond what is seen with the naked eye
pales in comparison to the greater force
through the morning star
he finds the message of love
and holds on to its presence
until it reappears at night
to learn the lesson
of the second circle of hell
Love beyond lust
beyond the damned flower
that seduced the man
to follow greed
The sun appears
and knowledge clears the sky
paints it with wisdom
illumination of the world
sharer of the right words
creation of the warrior of faith
willing to die on his spear
following the directions
in the words of the wise
leaving faith hope and love
only in the hands of the angels

from the sevens sins
through the gates of salvation
the idea was carried by the soul

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5 Responses to Espen Stenersrod – Dantes´ Heaven and Hell

  1. The damned flower… his pistol drawn her light intractable. good stuff man!

  2. Keep up the good work!

  3. simon7banks says:

    “Endless answers blowing in the wind” – I like that very much.

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