Espen Stenersrød – Lost (poem and piano)

Another one of my piano and poetry evenings are over

enjoy this video, and please comment on it in the comment section here


He carried the labor of five generations on his shoulders
Their struggle embedded in his palms
scarred by the light
his eyes danced rapidly in a saccadic dance movement
desperate for a rest
From the invisible hand
pulling him back on the assembly line

Hopes of relief
hopes of breaking the pattern
The want and need of achievement
Captivated in chains
by both past and present
his heart holds the future
His mind refuses to let go of the fear

In the mirror he sees a reflection he can not hold
A resembled picture of his old man
It is him
the misty blue eyes
the greyish hair
that used to be worn with pride

Time is running out
is this what he has become
He wants to paint a picture from his conscience
the future will remember
word by word

But all he sees is the reflection of his old man
the fear
the tired limbs
the bent head
looking for the next opening

The string is still there to hold
so he ties it to his heart
to be remembered that he is still alive

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2 Responses to Espen Stenersrød – Lost (poem and piano)

  1. Beautiful…the spark of life behind the pain. Yes, we question; however, we remain. Thanks for following me…love the music here as well…Sincerely, LaVancia

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