I fell in love with Zimmerman

It’s Friday night, one of those nights that invites for staying home.
Me and my wife have just said goodbye to the piano tuner, and we are both eager to get started.


The old piano is a Zimmerman from 1892,  has its small creeks and special identity after spending it’s last years in a basement. I can only imagine where it has been on its long 123 years journey.

I know that it was used in an old pub in Oslo as a bar piano. And I also know it spent some 50 years after world War two in a hotel.  But there is no stories beyond that.


So after this long wait of a four hour session of repairs and tuning,  I could finally sit down in front of the piano and breathe in its beautiful noise and acoustic crisp noise.

The only thing left now is to learn how to play

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11 Responses to I fell in love with Zimmerman

  1. glynfedwards says:

    Anything called Zimmerman will probably be making music on its own in a day or two, a world tour in a week.

  2. namelessneed says:

    I can relate/thanx/cool Photos

  3. What a beautiful instrument. Thanks for sharing that.

  4. Wow, great to see! I own a Zimmerman too, but it’s from 1984, the 100th anniversary model. And it’s been my best friend for over 30 years now, so I can fully relate :-). Wonderful that this oldie gets a new life – enjoy learning to play!!

  5. simon7banks says:

    I thought this would be Robert Zimmerman!

  6. Becky says:

    Beautiful photos of a lovely instrument!

  7. The ending caught me by surprise. I would give you piano lessons for free if we lived in the same country!

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