A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 209

Day 209
Topic: ten things readers can do for a writer
Topic given by Holly Michaels

My readers,
My readers

I want my readers to fall in love.
Not just once
I am not a one night fling
Not twice
I am not here for friendly chats and summer flings
Our relationship should be steady
Me, the protagonist
You, my goal
I want you to cry over my sentences
Feel ashamed for liking it
Feel empty
Clueless at times
That the imagery feels obscure, but real
While analysing it again and again
You realize it’s exactly how you feel
resonance from a previous dream
Makes it real again
And you bleed
Then released
As our love progress past our being
You realize that we
Are just a mirror of each other
The imagery I have posed in these sentences
Are you
You start to feel it
Breathe it.
Reach beyond the starting point of each poem
And digest who you really are

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