A 365 Daily Challenge – Day 208

Day 208
Topic: Perfect imperfections
topic given by Emilie Stangeby

Perfection pin pointed
As I walk in my selfish shoes
I taste of self issues
my selfish use of that word, aches
not realizing that my self, is you.
my selfish views are appalling, and you
are the only one who loves me for it,
when you say, sweetheart, your self “ish” you
is nothing but an imperfect issue to me
I love you, for who you are,
not the self perfected selfish youth
every cell wish you something useful
and you are exactly that
you see the full intention of who I am
I am imperfect
And so are you
and that makes us perfect, beyond any reason

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1 Response to A 365 Daily Challenge – Day 208

  1. suej says:

    Love your play on words…

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