A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 205

Day 205
topic: Pride
Topic given by Michael Kobernus

I take pride in the reflections
burned into my iris so I can expand my viewing angle
I bare the pride in my arms
when I can say, I have changed
based on my perception and patience
it took an immense effort
to dive into the thought patterns
that was buried inside of my conciousness
but now I am here
reflective thoughts
the glimpse of a still picture on my Iris
of who I am
and in the back you can still see who I was
I have to carry him with me
Never forget
always posess, the ability of change
based on the man on your Iris

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1 Response to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 205

  1. Sueyq says:

    This is good. it serves as a reminder and it gives understanding of who we are from path to path from one decision to the next. We as humans always change when we grow and it is desired to do so. With long hard looks within self, we see the who, the from where. and with each change we keep just a little part of us to remind us of our self. I like this!

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