A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 202

Day 202
Topic: A sip of coffee
Topic given by Julunar

brewed to stimulate
mornings awake
in the steam from the coffee pot
the mist creates the image of anticipation
waiting for the sound
instant high pitch
pushing the holy brown fluid through the grinded beans
still bubbling
intense steam boiling through the lid
It is done

I pour it slowly
let the cup caress the aroma
it breathes out its taste
I assemble my lips
careful sip
as I dare not to burn myself
It wil ruin the moment I have been waiting for

The sip of coffee reach my tongue
I let it rest there for a second
my first hit of the day
it is beautiful

I am done

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1 Response to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 202

  1. Susanne Pote says:

    Reblogged this on Insignificant Pandering and commented:
    Often we focus on challenging the body, rarely in challenging the mind.

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