A 365 daily challenge: day 199

Day 199
Topic: a child with a balloon
Topic given by Pottsy

A string to freedom
Red balloon posing as a white flag
In the arms of a child that needs it
A human shield
Outside the comfort zone of any soldier
I don’t even know why
The balloon is important
But if it should pop
I sense that everything would die
Dark, I know
But there is no trust in the collective ignorance any more
So I fear for the red bubble
Floating in the arms of this innocent child
That is suppose to carry its past
Into making a future for itself
I have to have confidence
I do have that
There is nothing as dear as the past to a child
I am just afraid someone will burst the bubble before him
Our children needs safety to progress and out learn us
Surpass the past
But our envy in the balloon of freedom
Makes us hasty
Ignorant to the truth
Persistent in our search to save the world
Without realizing the ballon will fly away
And leave our children here

We need to give our children more balloons
Instead of popping their hopes and dreams
I hear the children scream
And it is not for help
They scream for us
Their red balloon
Their hands are longing for ours

Reach out

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One Response to A 365 daily challenge: day 199

  1. Pottsy says:

    I was without internet when this poem was posted, but glad I found it now. I really like this and not just because it was my topic. I’ve no idea what I’d have come up with if I’d written a poem around this idea but it wouldn’t have been as moving as this. The poem is as beautiful and fragile as the child’s balloon, it’s just perfect.

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