A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 196

Day 196
Topic: A love letter with bad spelling
Topic given by Kamilla Brahmi

To my beloved deer

I have been meaning to axe you for years
Building courage to talk to you
From a distance
You fright train me
So I have been scared
With even knowing it
Know I am ready
Enough about me
I think I love you

Isn’t it love
When you wake up in dark mournings
And all that lights up the darkroom
Is the image of you
Millions of sweet images
Lightning up my darkroom
Sending lightning through me
Just thinking of you.

Isn’t it love
When I cannon sleep at night
Not being able to get you out of my head
I am a tinker, and you consume me
With all you stand for
But who am I to be a judge in love
I am merrily an advocate of what I feel.
You are amuse to me
You compel eat me
If that isn’t love
Nothing truly is

I miss being with you
I miss talking to you
I miss hour love
Please , love me me again

Yours all ways

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2 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 196

  1. Haha. Love this. “fright train” – brilliant.

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