A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 195

Day 195
Topic: our constantly renovating society
Topic given by x_yessicatorrez

One mans wrong
hold another ones answer
We make sure to tell them both how wrong they are.
Until we have renovated our own lives to the extent that our own rights
Is such a big lie
That change is the only option in all the wrong we do
Our paper thin walls that seperates us
Are being torn down so we can gather
Join together that strong bond
We always forget when we are right
To refurbish our living room
Always the quick solution
Maybe because we as a unit
Lack the trust and belief in our own depth as human beings
To reflect deeper on these questions
So we only renovate one room  at the time
The main area we occupy
Identified, underestimated lies
We have hidden our genders mind
So we refuse to renovate ourselves
Matter over mind
We fix the wrongs we can observe
With our naked eye.
And we repeat it
Everything, every day
Turns to misery
So we renovate
New wrong, turns right
What’s left, is at its best, half decent
Every color, every tiny little detail
Is slipping between our fingers
And we turn grey
Tasteless and numb
At least it can not be wrong
For anyone

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One Response to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 195

  1. Michael Fink says:

    We renovate indeed. Change for the sake of change, brought on by our own determination to be dissatisfied (and pretend it ambition). Well composed and thought provoking, thank you for this.

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