A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 191

Day 191
Topic: My garden
Topic given by stars1960

In my garden
There are many trees
That reach
Sky high
They keep me covered
True mothers, laying their arms around me.
Loving enough to also show me the world
Encourage to climb my way to the top
Not to be above everyone else
But to see how small I am compared to the sky
As a limit to understand how great I can become.
In my garden there are many trees

In my garden
Everything else becomes scenery
Of beauty
In appearance and smells
Yes, taste
Of berries and fruit
My garden fulfills my dreams
And needs
My garden is me

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One Response to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 191

  1. dharmendr says:

    Those are some admiring thoughts that you put down. You provided me a new way to view trees- like mothers. Thanks buddy!

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