A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 190

Day 190
Topic: your perfectly imperfect motives
Topic given by mixdbeauty24

No clue on the matter of, how.
Only a wish, a need and compassion
A feeling that has been nourished
Into a future filled with
burned bridges
Open roads
And a mind that’s been trampled on
Body weakened by the motives over the years, nothing could have foreseen this imperfection.
It was a perfect journey for the soul
Feeding the purpose of right and wrong
Digesting the ups and downs
But when assumed to be spat out
With a New perception
You where left dangling
By your own flesh
With a mirrored reflection
Telling you where you took the wrong step.
But it was perfect
Not the motive itself
But the journey was

You are the lit torch
That will never burn out

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