A 365 Daily Challenge podcast – Episode 3

Good evening

The third episode is finally here after a long summer

The playlist is
1. Intro music (Decknical)
2. Myriam Heffels – Alone in the crowd
3. Michael Kobernus – Iron Clad Garden
4. Espen Stenersrød – Venemous Delight
5. Kitty – Day 56
6. Myriam Heffels – Pure Love
7. Kitty
8. Myriam Heffels – Common Courtesy
9. MesAyah – 20 bars from 365 Daily Challenge(prod Decknical)

This time I have with me Michael Kobernus, Myriam Heffels and Kitty reading poetry. I also have a reading, I also have two musical contributions that I’ve been sitting for a while. My late friend left some music for me on my beloved Mac, the summers he lived in our apartment. Therefore I let the episode start with music from him and ends with what I recorded during the summer, where I gathered from 365 words so far, also over his music. Hope this episode reach everyone’s taste. ❤

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4 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge podcast – Episode 3

  1. ady says:

    I love your tracks especially ‘Alone’ was superb…:)

  2. Reblogged this on 21 Shades of Blue and commented:
    Awesome spoken word poems and music bro, such a treat. 11 and 1/2 incredible minutes. Sorry about your late friend. Love the focus on dreams, and all the familiar imagery and ideas. It’s crazy how many people I am mutually subscribed to on here, and to see day after day, how alike we are, creatively. Love the blue fire background image for the podcast, it and the poems remind me of a few verses from a poem I wrote years ago: “Vindicate my soul fire’s blue ballad and prove my allegory story definite, true and right while as I do the same in sacrifice for the same.”


    I think this quote pairs well with your podcast, which I’m listening to for the third time now. Love it!


    “You’re wasting your life being involved with me.”

    “I’m not wasting anything.”

    “But I might never recover. Will you wait for me forever? Can you wait 10 years, 20 years?”

    “You’re letting yourself be scared by too many things,” I said. “The dark, bad dreams, the power of the dead. You have to forget them. I’m sure you’ll get well if you do.”

    “If I can,” said Naoko, shaking her head.

    “If you can get out of this place, will you live with me?” I asked.

    “Then I can protect you from the dark and from bad dreams. Then you’d have me instead of Reiko to hold you when things got difficult.”

    Naoko pressed still more firmly against me.

    “That would be wonderful,” she said.”
    ― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

    • MesAyah says:

      Thank you so much Fergus. My readers do and amazing job with my poems in this podcast. I am very happy I could provide a good experience for you. And thank you for your condolences as well, he lives with me in his fantastic music and our memories.

      I absolutely love the poetry on WordPress, you find absolutely everything you want on here, and can share your thoughts with fellow likeminded individuals.
      I agree with you that your quotes pairs well with the podcast.

      Keep on sharing your work and listen and read what I share

      To the future

      Espen 🙂

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