A 365 daily challenge: Day 182

Day 182
Topic: Five more minutes
Topic given by thrillshot220

Rested his head on the pillow
His eyes wandered through
the emptiness that filled his room
Empty spaces
That used to be visions and dreams
Were now replaced by a few particles of dust, playing softly with the industrial white and medicinal grey that had faded in the same pace as him.

Flashbacks of relentless pursuit
Always trying to find his way home
A place he could rest
Feel fulfilled
Nurture his mind
Make up for all the wrongs he’s done
But it never came

Always on the run
Looking for the next dream
Never new how to live in peace with what he had
Constantly moving around with chains
Connected to his brain
So he could never reach out
Without hurting

Now he is left here
In this industrial room
White and grey
Dying to the rhythm of a heart monitor
Longer pauses

All he wants now
Is another five minutes
To reach his dream

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