A 365 daily Challenge : Day 180

Day 180
Topic: empty hearts
Topic given by she_who_writes

She accused him of carrying an empty heart
She could prove it, she claimed
It was the way he never said the words
that she wanted to hear
How could she trust a man who never made her certain
How could he stand there every day
And feel what she could not assume
He was cold
He was not cherishing what they were
How they were
And why

She looked at him for a reply
That never came
For days she waited
Looking at him from a distance
He did all the things his usual way
Made them breakfast
Sent her the morning text to make sure she was safe
Then later on a small message
I might be late, but I left some dinner on a plate
Just in case
Sorry you have to eat by yourself
When he comes home late, he asks about her day
Before she goes on hours straight
About the ladies at her place
And everything they said
He listens, and smiles politely, in and out
Before it’s time to go to bed
Where he has picked the spot, closest to the door
Just in case
Something happens
And he has to make her safe

But never once did he say
During their day
The words she wanted to her from him
And for that he had an empty heart

What a shame…

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3 Responses to A 365 daily Challenge : Day 180

  1. Pottsy says:

    I think this is my favourite so far. Love is more than words. I wonder if she would have been happier if he regularly told her the words she wanted to hear but lacked the thoughtfulness of the so-called empty-hearted man

    • MesAyah says:

      Glad you have a favorite. It is interesting to see how learned behavior creates perceptions of how a life should be. I am glad I was given the opportunity to explore this universe

  2. Wow! I am constantly mesmerised by the talent on here, and for me, you are definitely located on the list … at the top end 🙂

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