A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 178

Day 178
Topic: Catharsis
Topic given by Julunar1

Protagonist pleasure
Vision of a centre
Sorrounding the main character.
On a path to release shoulders
To gain
A revelation
The world is your obstacle.
Life itself, is only a fragment,
But still your main antagonist.
Breath by breath
You battle
Gaining knowledge about death
Realizing, if life is your main focus
Your last breath
Will be the second you reach cleansed.
Don’t let that be your retrospect
Reach out
Every day, for ways
To obtain catharsis

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3 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 178

  1. in fact catharsis could be like orgasm – violent release – the act of dying – finally engaging the lover you has been pursuing you forever – like the spontaneous rhythm of your poem

  2. truantone says:

    or perhaps, the missing lover you’ve been pursuing? hell, even a little of both! Good poem.

  3. ady says:

    Very Strong lines aiming for Self – actualization … Loved it..:)

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