A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 177

Day 177
Topic: Changing seasons, changing mindset
Topic given by Robertjvenegas27

The journey started in spring
With light footsteps
Making it impossible to recognize the traces from last year
My heart seemed impossible to open
And I had left the key in Winters lair
I had to spend the entire season to trace my path.
The secrets were hidden at the back of my sole
The heavy footsteps out of winterland
Left marks of truth down on paper
I could do nothing but to replicate it.
The light had swallowed to much of the beast.

When summer came, it was even worse
I felt transparent
The small traces I had to grasp to
Was lifted of the surface
Much like myself
Felt like walking in a circle of continuous nothingness
My paper got vain
Brushing dust of its shoulders
Like old habits
Creating excellent words
But no context
Cause summer never held none in the first place

Taking the first steps back into the darkness, the fall, the cold, the fresh.
The imagery is the first to return
Not vivid at first
But it’s growing
I leave traces
I see the ripples in what I do
I concentrate my fear
I grasp for fresh air
And leave my pen to write its despair
I fall for the temptation to sacrifice myself.

By winter time
My footsteps are heavy again
I drag myself through the words
Every word I write makes an impact on my heartbeat, so I tend to not my head to them. In hope they will make more sense
I step into the winter lair
Knowing what I have been through

It is done

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One Response to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 177

  1. nice again – leave my pen to write its despair

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