A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 167

Day 167
Topic: Betrayal
Topic given by Ladykera

In the reflection from the ground water,
He was willingly  bent over,
He caught the eye of the beast.
His only response was to arch his back
And death responded with doubt

He turned his back to the stabbing knife
Betrayed the hand that held it
Tricked death into believing he was the one, so life could change the matter of just that number

Their agreement was to die out there
Two lambs in wolf costumes
Playing dice games with the devil
Where no one had a chance to win

They both died
By the hand of betrayal
Since no one chose to stand to the side
The devil ate the rest of their soul
That wander around in the night
Looking for a hand who could  hold the knife
That would finally send them home

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