A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 164

Day 164
Topic: Addiction
Topic given by Liz_gross

Faithlessly in love
The mind of a consuming heart
Stayed clear for years
So clean,
Breath of some fresh air
I am clear
Like crystals
Can’t even say the word crystal
Without a split tongue
It will please the demon on my left shoulder too much, and I am not willing to give the pleasure to him that easily
Like I used to
Miserably happy,
That would sum my past up in six syllables
Not that I want to stress it
Or count the wrinkles that it painted inside of my worn out heart.
It just felt so good
It felt like I had a blossoming summer inside of me, that only focused on my smile and my ability to sense freedom.
I craved that sense again and again
Until my sixth one
Buried the truth of who I truly was behind my imaginative third eye
And now I am here
Fresh, and clean
I love it
But my dream is still a dream no matter how I bend the truth of tomorrow

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