A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 160

Day 160
Topic: Romance
Topic given by h.salter 96.hs

Leaning flower
Thirsty after days of drought
Her colour , slowly fading brown.
She hears the whispers
Bend down
The ground will soothe you
Give yourself to earth.

She looks down
“Earth, who are you to take me?”
Earth then replies
” I am not here to steal”
Earth persuades her to come closer
Where the voices can’t reach her
Earth takes her to the side
Looks her in the eyes
” I am not here to steal, I am here to produce life, through light”
The flower starts to cry her petals out
So dry
That they fall to the ground

Earth is horrified by what he witness
He Screams stop, out loud
So she do as earth commands
The earth refuse to let this flower die
So he makes all the other flowers cry
So he can nurture her
Until the rain arrive

Earth smiles as his flower
Raise her neck towards the sky
She leaves her leafs out to the side
So she can still see him
As they nurture what they started

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