A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 156

Day 156
Topic: First 30 seconds of love
Topic given by world_of_Andrew

One second last forever
Automated by emotion, lust and symmetry
Two nervous hands, that refuse to respond
Until you get aware
And have no idea where to put them
Three small glances in her direction
Four short smiles in her reply
Five new strings attached
Nine regrets over the silence that lasted too long
The first ten nervous seconds have passed

I have just made up eleven reasons not to go over
She looks like someone who desires perfection
How long am I going to stand here
That’s a funny word, teen, maybe I will start with that
No, wait!
I can’t say that
What wouldn’t i do to start this twenty seconds all over again

It is exactly twenty one steps over to her table
I made sure now, counted them in my head again and again
Twenty two if I get a moment of regret
I wonder if she knows that she has twenty three steps over to my place
It looks like she has thought about it
She must have done
The way she looked at me
She must have considered it
Twenty four hours
It feels like I have stood here for twenty four hours
Who knows maybe I have
If so, she must think I am a freak
Twenty five years it took me to find her
The woman of my dreams
The one I will love forever
Married by twenty six
Child by twenty seven maybe?
Twenty eight
Twenty nine
I am gonna do it
Thirty deep breaths
I stand in front of her
And cough up an almost silent hello

She smiles

The rest of my life has just begun
This was the hard part
The rest will just fly by

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2 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 156

  1. evepadams says:

    Totally creative. Wow!!!

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