A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 150

Day 150
Topic: Tears
Topic given by jilliangetting

Shed on a tender cheek
Mark of the vulnerable
His skin absorbs the past hours
Through one small droplet

His passed makers
Reminded him that past the maker
And creator
Lies the past of what made him unique
If he can look  passed that
And passed the guilt he will feel,
Towards the ones that he made,
His days on this earth
Would make his passing
Easier to swallow

But right now
These small tears are hard to handle
They provide fluid
to accompany his last breaths
He have not yet tried to swallow
The word death
Because right now
It will taste of guilt and deceit

Looking into his childrens eyes
He taste the word relief
As the last tear he ever tasted
Revealed itself on his tongue
He smiles to them
As one last goodbye
And they reply
With tears of their own

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