A 365 Dail Challenge: Day 147

Day 147
Topic: Ups and Downs
Topic given by Hege Abelson

Sweaty palms
Hands shivering in rhythm
blood shut eyes
worn with a thousand winters
turned both his soul and presence against him
all that he got is the idea of his own self
and how he can prevent it from turning his back on him too
a machine, searching for food to his engine
on the way down

a small knock on the door
curtain slides open
revealing a pair of empty eyes
staring right past him
his begging face
his lowered voice
will not get his brother out
from behind that window and out that door
Please, I am cold
The recipient face replies with no answer
curtain closes

A pause

He walks away

quick fix of reality behind a dumpster
at least until next dawn

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