Espen Stenersrød reads from A Lifecycle in Nihighnigma

Good Eveining

After a lot of inquiries from my readers about reading from my latest book “A Lifecycle in Nihighnigma”
I Finally Caved in and did this reading
I chose to pick some of my favorites, together with my readers favorites from the book.
So Tonight I am Reading the following poems:

The final Battle

Hope you enjoy this and that you place a comment underneath.

Book Is available here:
Homepage: Http://

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3 Responses to Espen Stenersrød reads from A Lifecycle in Nihighnigma

  1. I almost always read poems out loud as I read them, so it’s a treat to hear a poet read his/her own work.

    • MesAyah says:

      Glad hand you a treat:)
      I agree with you 100 percent by the way. That’s why I have always been so in love with spoken word poetry. You always get the poets words out loud

  2. MesAyah says:

    Reblogged this on Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart and commented:

    100 views makes me happy

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